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Hello and Welcome to our website!

Our tenants are important to us so the Management Team, here at Morgis Properties, has put together a package of information that may assist you. We hope that you may find the answers to many questions that you have. If you need further information,  please don't hesitate to contact any one of us.

1) The main office is located at #67 Parkwoods Village Drive., Suite #101. We can be reached at # 416-385-7200. Our fax # is 416-385-2738. Office hours are generally 8am-5pm. Monday through Friday. Weekend and weeknight appointments available upon request.

2) To reach a Superintendent , please call 416-720-9029 (#70 )or 416-902-1347. (#67)

3) Rent is to be paid on, or before, the FIRST day of every month. You can pay your rent by CASH, MONEY ORDER, VISA, MASTERCARD, or DIRECT DEBIT.

Please submit your rent to either one of the Superintendents or deposit the cheque in the door slot of the office of 67 -Suite #101 or the office of 70 -Suite # 106.
 *If paying rent by Visa, Mastercard , or direct debit, this transaction MUST take place at 67 Parkwoods-Suite #101. Please contact the office for an appointment .
 **It is company policy to serve the units with a Court/Tribunal Eviction Notice when rent is not paid on the first of the month. All arrears will then be forwarded to our collection agency for recovery. This will affect your credit rating.

4) Beginning on the first day of your tenancy, you must call Toronto Hydro to set up your account. ( 416-542-8000 )

5) Optional services :
 -Bell Canada for telephone services ( 310-BELL )
 -Rogers Cable for TV and Internet services ( 1-866-551-4457 )

6) Ontario Law requires 60 Days Written Notice prior to vacating your unit. Please submit this notice to your Superintendent as soon as you are aware that you are moving.

7) If a repair is needed, or there is any other problems within your unit, please complete a “ work order “ form and submit the request to your Superintendent. The Management Team will have the problem resolved promptly. * All repair requests MUST be in the form of writing.

8) It is against the Municipal By-Laws to operate a dishwasher or clothes –washer within the unit. You could be fined if operating any of these appliances.

9) Postal Codes: -

For #67 Parkwoods: M3A 2X4 ( except for 5th/6th/7th floors which have: M3A 2X5)

 For #70 Parkwoods: M3A 2X7

10) Garbage pick-up for both buildings are on Mondays and Thursdays. Please help to keep the garbage area clean and tidy by disposing of your waste INSIDE the containers.

It is a City of Toronto By-Law that all tenants particpate in the current re-cycling program. Re-cycling bins have been placed at the side of the buildings for your convenience. The City of Toronto has the right to STOP all garbage collection if tenants do not particpate.

* A charity clothing bin has also been provided at #70 Parkwoods for the disposal of used and unwanted clothing.

11) NSF cheques will have an additional charge of $25.00

12) Please provide your new telephone number to the Superintendent as soon as possible to have your intercom service connected.

13) Please provide the Superintendent with a spare key to your unit just case of an emergency.

14) Management strives to maintain a clean and safe environment for all tenants. We must all work together to promote this goal. If you witness any types of vandalism, safety issues, loitering or littering, please notify any staff member immediately so that the issue can be dealt with promptly.

Thank-you for choosing Morgis Properties,
The Management Team